What mindful practices taught me about being a new entrepreneur

Website Relaunch

I’m super excited to write this piece! While my website has been in maintenance mode, I’ve been working on it in the background.


Everything from new colors, to mood boards, keywords, and copy. Then finding myself in different rabbit holes. A “quick-fix” turned into a 2-week thing. It’s still a work-in-process but I’m so proud of what I’ve created thus far.


And yes, I did it all on my own! While there are moments that I thought, ugh! I should hire someone to do all this for me. There is something about the process of learning and doing it that is so gratifying.


Sure, at some point I will definitely hire someone to do it for me. This won’t be the last time I rebrand or create a business. But at least now I can say I know what it takes to do some of this work. I will be so grateful when I get the web developer and copywriter to create the magic for me.


So, what’s going on here now?


If you’ve been following my brand and business Bee Umana for some time you’ve seen the layers of transition.


I started this website way back in 2014 to capture my love for yoga as a part-time yoga teacher.

It then transitioned to me being a full-time yoga teacher in NYC.

Once I moved to Seattle it was a combination of teaching and freelancing.

Around this time, it started to morph into “mindful practices.” I realized, ‘gosh it’s not just yoga asana that is working for me.’ There’s more to what I’ve been practicing and teaching.


What exactly are Mindful Practices? why don’t I just say meditation?

To me, it’s not just meditation that is ‘mindful practices.’ My path got me here through yoga.

Yoga is an all-encompassing practice. I am not only talking about the physical poses right now. It’s full of wisdom, guidance. And yes, meditation. I love to share how yoga & meditation interplay! These beautiful practices continue to revel so much about my path, career, and journey.

While they’re many mindful practices out there, I’m not a specialist in all of them.

My expertise within these mindful practices is in yoga science (this is beyond the asana). Yoga breath-work. Meditation. And journaling.

If you’re looking for sound healing, chakra work, Ayurvedic work, shamanic journeying, Akashic readings I will gladly connect you to my favorite practitioners, but those aren’t my specialties.

What is Mindful Marketing?

In my discovery process as a freelancer, the clients I worked with used similar words to describe my style of work.







After receiving feedback and gathering data, my background in mindfulness and health was one of the main factors in choosing my services. Over these larger marketing agencies. Which makes my heart flutter a little bit!

Their mission-driven businesses needed someone that understood that at a core level. And as more work streamed in, it became obvious that I was finding my niche.

I no longer listened to the advice to “hide my teaching background because it looks unprofessional.”

The moment I stopped hiding and put myself fully out there, work started to find it’s way to me.

Our world is changing. And the business world is wanting to meet these new needs with authenticity and clear communication. People are looking at sustainability. Conscious-driven brands. Entrepreneurs that “do the work” also.

How can we speak authentically while still using digital marketing? Mindful Marketing invites an authentic approach to your digital marketing strategies.

Learn the three essential mindful marketing strategies

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    “But I thought you were a yoga teacher?”

    I still am! 100%. I always will be.

    Teaching yoga was my first love. I’m currently continuing my education to be a 500-hour RYT (I really love learning!).

    Yoga gave me the initial tools to start believing in myself and trust this unknown path.

    I can see how these teachings infuse all my lines of work. As I mentioned yoga is an all-encompassing practice, that shows up in my yoga & meditation classes, one-on-one work, or developing the mindful marketing process.


    So, why Bee Umana?

    Way back when I decided to launch this webpage I was an aspiring yoga teacher. I wanted my brand name to convey connection, community, and friendship.

    My closest friends call me Bee. Whenever I see a text from them saying “Hey Bee!” I get so excited 🙂 So, I kept my brand name as Bee to keep this community feeling like one of my closest friends. Maybe at some point I’ll change it, but for now, it still feels right! You can call me Bee, you can call me Bren. You can call me Brenda.

    Mindful Entrepreneurship

    Take a look around! Check out some of my services. Read my story and mission on how I got to this point.

    My mindful practices keep me moving forward.

    My mind can trail-off and start comparing myself to others. Or it goes down the negative self-talk path telling me “I’ll never succeed.”

    These practices keep me grounded.


    Kind to myself.

    Those are qualities that an entrepreneur needs because so much is unknown as a business owner. I show up to my practice with curiosity. Not expecting to be “better” at anything but really with this question of, what will happen if I keep at this?

    I’ll wait and find out. And let you know!

    In the meantime, reach out to me if you or your business needs my support within mindful marketing.


    Learn the three essential mindful marketing strategies


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