5 essential tips on how to do authentic email marketing yourself

Are you looking to start authentic email marketing on your own? But unsure what some of those steps are. Everything you read about email marketing is with lists around 500-1,000 people.

You’re like, “ok, I’m just starting out. I have no one to send these emails to”
You’re actually in the perfect spot.
You have a clean slate to keep your lists clean and organized! As your list grows you’ll know exactly how to categories them. You’ll know what type of content your people want to read from you.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients that have 2,000 to 4,000 people on their list. Such an amazing accomplishment to reach those numbers. But the lists are messy, people aren’t engaged, and I have no idea when the last time they updated it.
So, know that you’re starting at the best point right now. Here are 5 essential get started tips on how to truly get started with authentic email marketing, from zero all on your own.

Center Yourself

What I mean by this is to arrive with your full attention.
As you continue to read this blog. And as you begin your mindful email marketing journey. It doesn’t need to be a whole meditation. Take a few deep breaths with the intention of receiving information. If something doesn’t make sense or isn’t sticking, let it go. It’ll come back around. Learning a new process can invoke feelings of intensity, anxiety, overwhelm, and excited. I know when I’m about to learn something new I’m super hyper and ready to put it all in place. But that crashes me down so fast.

Understand the Purpose of Authentic Email Marketing

In a nutshell, you’re using all types of email to ease communication. When it comes to using it for authentic & mindful marketing, you’re using it as an extension to continue to build a relationship with your clients and customers. You want to keep them up to date with what your business is up to. Do you have new offerings? Is your business going in a new direction? Did you make a new hire? This is a space where you get to share your passion.
There are two general types of emails you can send
  1. Marketing type emails (relationship building, newsletters, not too much sales)
  2. Sales emails
There’s more but we’ll keep it to these for now. There are different schools of thought on when to use which. If you’re completely new, a newsletter is a good place to start.
Bonus: Email Automation In the beginning you’ll start by scheduling a few newsletters. Get comfortable with your email marketing service provider. Then start to explore the world of email automation, lead magnets, and segmentation. It can be simultaneous to kicking off your newsletter. But what I often hear is people don’t start because they need to start segmenting and automating right away. No way. Get something going now!

How do you even start an authentic list?

The first, no-frills way to start is to create your own list. Do you already have a client base? Look through your email and start an excel sheet with their First Name, Last Name, and Email. Learn how to bulk import.

Second, do you have a physical location you’re working out of? Keep a pen and paper out. If you work out of cowering space, ask if you can put it up on their bulletin board. If you work at a studio, keep it out during your class time and remind your students at the end of class that you’re sending out helpful resources for them. I know this is the un-sexy way but honestly, this is the most effective way when you’re first starting out. I still use this method even though everything I read on digital marketing says the opposite. People that see you in the real world, are the people that love your services and they will be so excited to see an email from you.  

Digital List Building

Second, most website platforms now have a pop-up or embedded email grab for your website. Start by promoting your newsletter sign-up on your website. If you are truly starting out I imagine you don’t have a lead magnet yet. That’s fine. If you’re not sure what a lead magnet is we’ll get to that at another time. For now, make sure you have a pop-up or a form on your website that calls out the helpful resources you send through your newsletter.

Pick a FREE email service provider

If your list is between 0-100, choose a free one to start. Service providers like Mailchimp and Convertkit have free versions. I recommend free because you are beginning to get familiar with email marketing. There are SO many different email marketing platforms out there so before you invest some money in one, just get familiar with what it even is. You’ll be surprised at how much you can offer with these free ones. With that said, keep your list clean! At some point you will want to switch, upgrade, start segmenting, and use automation. Use the current functionalities you have like tags, lists, or categories. This helps you understand how someone landed on your list and you’ll then tailor specific offerings for them later down the road.


These are the five essential things to know about starting an authentic email marketing strategy. There are so many people waiting to hear from you and to learn about your services.

It is going to take some patience. Remember to go back to number 1: Find that center within yourself and know that you are exactly where you need to be in your mindful email marketing journey. If you’re curious to know or learn more about mindful marketing, check out my marketing business at OM Marketing.

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