You might already be familiar with the word mindfulness. But how you do actually apply it to your life? And how does it relate to yoga? Or meditation?

What if you can explore the full range of mindfulness while you were in yoga class. Meditating. While you were cooking. At work. What would happen? Get started with just 3 simple tips with Your Mindful Toolkit.


Brenda Umana |Mindfulness Specialist + Wellness Marketing Consultant 

Hey there! And welcome. If you’re here then you’re probably curious about this health & wellness stuff. Specifically mindfulness. Well, you’re in the right place. I’ve been working in this industry since 2013. I received my Masters of Public Health from Columbia Univesity. Over the years I’ve worked tirelessly to improve my craft and figure out, how can I invite more mindfulness into individuals that just feel like they are all over the place and overwhelmed?  With just about everything.  I’ve been there; during yoga class, in my career, at home. You name it, I always and still feel like I have a busy mind. Alongside my teaching work, I am a Wellness Marketing Consultant. Supporting startups, wellness clinics, or entrepreneurs on various mindful marketing techniques. As a mindful specialist with a background in yoga, meditation, and public health, I support individuals, and small businesses in better understanding their mindset and intentions. Over the years I’ve learned proven techniques that truly re-shaped my mindset. It’s time for you to reshape and reframe yours.  


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