Your practice will bear fruit when it encompasses three secrets to success

I see so many parallels to consistent mindful practices and building your purposeful vision. Whether that’s through your business, project, career, or way of life. Our ability to be grounded, agile, and mindful is so needed right now. Life is one long practice — with patience, practice and persistence we will all find our own success. 

The Contentment Corner

Contentment (n.): a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Content (n.): a form of marketing focused on creating information that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest.

Once a month I send out The Contentment Corner where I write about creating a life with purpose, mindful marketing, and sharing the teachings that most inspire me.

OM Marketing

After working at health startups in various business development and marketing roles, I ventured off on my own as a freelance consultant and created Of the Mind Marketing.  I know marketing to be a tool that supports communication, education and gives value to people’s lives. OMM bridges the gap missing in traditional marketing by providing a more mindful and holistic approach. I work closely with conscious businesses, health startups, and solo businesses on strategic communication, consulting and coaching. 

Mother of the mind

The mindful practices of yoga and meditation have transformed my life in ways that I can’t even describe, you can read a lot about my journey in my blog. Mother of the Mind is a culmination of all my studies and work. Through Mother of the Mind, my mission is to promote all facets of health especially mental health by creating a more inclusive experiences through classes, mentoring and coaching, and continuing education opportunities.

More about Bee

Welcome! My name is Brenda or Bee. What you see here is essentially my 10 year journey. I am a life-long learner with a big desire to support the well-being of others through my passions. Part of my process is to acknowledge that nothing is ever perfect yet perfect for right now.

This website has evolved several different times. It started as my first yoga teacher site, then it became mindful marketing, to now what you see here  — a combination of my lines of my passions in health, wellness, and business. 

At times my journey has felt messy, and to be honest it still does! I’ve gotten stuck many times in my process because I thought it needed to be a certain way. We are human and nothing is ever clear-cut or perfectly defined. I started off thinking I was going to be an accountant — clearly things changed. My soul was craving something else and I believe that the yoga practice is what inspired me to continue to explore.

Still unclear what my soul was craving though, I applied for a Masters of Public Health at Columbia University. Over the years, my expertise has given me the opportunity to be featured in Yoga Journal, Shape Magazine,  as well as an evidence-based writer for Guidery.  

My Values







“Brenda has both grounded me and challenged me in ways that makes me see my business in a whole new, amazing way.”

Brittany Marie Founder of Blithe Mitrals

“I worked with Brenda in New York several years ago and witnessed first-hand her expertise both as a yoga teacher and marketing strategist, her transparency, and her professionalism. She infuses the warmth and friendliness of her personality into her work, and is a joy to be around!”

Delphina Professional Performing Artist, Teacher, Yoga Teacher

“Brenda’s expertise and research oriented background is so valuable to have on my team as a startup founder.” 

Danny, Founder of Guidery 

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Need to let me know something else? Or want to collaborate? I’d love to hear from you. You can also email me at [email protected]

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