A Mindful Approach to Marketing

Your heartfelt vision is an extension of you. It often doesn’t feel like a traditional business. You want to bring purpose into the world with your mission. But sales and marketing often feel pushy.

Let’s reframe business and marketing with mindful and intentional strategies.


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Mindful Specialist & Mindful Marketing Expert

If you’re here then you’re not out there selling used-cars or software that no one will ever use. I hold a business degree and a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University. Plus countless hours teaching and studying yoga and meditation. I know how challenging it is to find the right intentional marketing strategy. It doesn’t need to suck and there is a way to find success. Mindful Email Marketing increased revenue by an extra $2k in 6-weeks at a wellness business. I show mission-driven entrepreneurs, like you, how to better understand their mindset and intentions to connect with their people through digital marketing.

create purpose


gain clarity for your purposeful vision

Are you feeling held back from something bigger but not sure what? Start with Mindful Coaching with my sister-brand, Mother of the Mind. This is a hybrid of life coaching and mindful practices.

the “start-up” strategy

You are a running business! A startup, a mid-sized business, or an agency looking for a mindful approach to your health & wellness content that needs support from start to finish.

2-part mindful marketing strategy (MMS)

You are ready for Mindful Marketing Coaching. You have that vision but now you have so many questions about how to move forward.

thank you!

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Clear thought, efficient strategies and the ability to put it into action quickly!

“Its refreshing to work on creative projects with someone who has clear thought, efficient strategies and the ability to put it into action quickly! Brenda is thoughtful in her work, articulate in her writing and organized in her production. She has absolutely been a benefit in bringing our company forward in the digital age of marketing.”

Marketing & Business Retention

“Whatever Brenda did for marketing and business retention has been so successful!”

Mindful Marketing

“Brenda’s professionalism in wellness, her education background, and meditation practice truly comes through in her work”

Startup, MindFare

Consistent Marketing Plan

“If you are looking for a person that helps you develop a consistent marketing plan, I would recommend Brenda 100%. She makes you accountable for your project and helps you empower and develop your ideas.”

Solid Foundation for your Entrepreneurial Needs

“Brenda is the person for you! She has a keen ability to understand your needs, vision and provide a solid foundation for your entrepreneurial needs. She is a thoughtful and detailed professional who brings her evident expertise to the table.”

Ananya, Healthcare Operations and Improvement Consultant

samples of work


I write what’s on my mind on mindful topics. I try to stick with seo best practices but sometimes i just want to write

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