Our work together invites you to slow down and reflect.

Let’s find your unique path.ᅠᅠ

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meditation journal

Meditation Journal Now Available! 

 There may be moments throughout your meditation journey when it feels impossible to sit still and quiet down. Your mind might feel full and overwhelming. Take this time to “purge your mind” with what I like to call, meditation on paper.

There are two QR codes inside the journal for audio-guided prompts. The journal pages are intentionally left blank without any written prompts so you can write freely. 

Available worldwide.  

creating a life OR BUSINESS with purpose is actually pretty messy and not straightforward at all.

But you’re doing it!


Yogic Path Card Reading

This immersive experience offers you dedicated time and space to embrace the profound wisdom of your unique yogic path using the oracle deck, “Yogic Path.” We are all unique on this human journey, known as our swa dharma. Your swa dharma is not necessarily your job. Or how you make money in this lifetime but based on your inner light and what you offer to this world with your beauty. Discover the essence of your purpose and awaken the transformative power within you.


This mentorship program — rooted in Vedic Psychology and The Four Parts of the Mind — empowers you to explore your yogic path. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or both, gaining insight into your mind-type and your true Self through Vedic Psychology is a transformative and empowering journey. Uncover your authentic self and take a powerful step forward on your path of self-discovery and growth.

Mindful Marketing 9-month coaching

Personalized 1:1 combining coaching, envisioning, strategy, and mindset to propel your success. I make sure to connect all the dots from start to finish so you can reach your intuitive business goals with ease. As you may know, I own and operate OM Marketing Consulting. I’ve worked with health startups, nonprofits, and wellness studios on every aspect of their marketing from start to finish. My approach is grounded in business best practices with a “less is more” approach.

More about Bee

Welcome! My name is Brenda or Bee. My passion lies in supporting people through yoga, meditation, and mindful living. Part of my process is to acknowledge that our life is one continual spiral. You may have noticed the spiral in my logos.

For centuries the spiral has been known as the eternal sign of the Creative, dynamic growth, and metamorphosis. 

This website has evolved several different times. It started as my first yoga teacher site, then it became mindful marketing, to now what you see here  — a combination of wellness, exploration & travel, yoga, meditation and more. 

I see the spiral as a reminder that we’re continually repeating things but oftentimes with a new perspective. 

I started off thinking I was going to be an accountant — clearly, things changed. Still unclear what my soul was craving though, I applied for a Masters of Public Health at Columbia University. Over the years, my expertise has given me the opportunity to be featured in Yoga Journal, Martha Stewart, Healthline, Hip Latina, and an expert reviewer for The Ness Well.  

I believe that the yoga practice is what continues to inspire me to explore myself and living a creative life.  

My Values







“Brenda has both grounded me and challenged me in ways that makes me see my business in a whole new, amazing way.”

Brittany Marie Founder of Blithe Mitrals

“I worked with Brenda in New York several years ago and witnessed first-hand her expertise both as a yoga teacher and marketing strategist, her transparency, and her professionalism. She infuses the warmth and friendliness of her personality into her work, and is a joy to be around!”

Delphina Professional Performing Artist, Teacher, Yoga Teacher

“Brenda’s expertise and research oriented background is so valuable to have on my team as a startup founder.” 

Danny, Founder of Guidery 

“You could say she helped me in every aspect of my business! I would absolutely recommend her if you’re looking for intentional, mindful and tactical guidance when it comes to your businesses strategy & marketing.”

Savannah, Founder of Modern Career Project

“I took your class this morning. Afterward, I wanted to thank you but I had to run out. I wanted to thank you for an incredible class; suffering/recovering from lower back pain has been challenging but yoga makes it so much better. Your practice this morning was definitely as ass-kicker in the best of ways. And your guided meditation truly spoke to me, so much that I was not aware of the savasana transition and stayed in my meditation. I appreciate you.”


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Need to let me know something else? Or want to collaborate? I’d love to hear from you. You can also email me at [email protected]

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