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Meditation For Entrepreneurs

Do you have a busy mind?

And a busy schedule?

Finally set up a consistent meditation practice in just 8-weeks. All in the comfort of your home.  

Yes! I need consistency

Private Virtual Meditations for Entrepreneurs in the Comfort of Your Home

Wouldn’t it be nice if you started your day with a bit of mindfulness before work?

Before you’re bombarded with conversations, notifications, street lights, and crowded commutes.

Meet the demands of your entrepreneur life with grace and ease.

Consistency is key with meditation

But not knowing how to start can be your first hurdle.

Even things as simple as where you sit. The way your posture feels.

What do you do with your eyes?

You might not even realize it but all these little things add up that prevent you from starting a consistent practice.

And even if you’ve started, it slowly falls away, and then out of nowhere you remember, “oh yea I forgot my mindful practice this morning!”

An 8-week intro to meditation

When people ask me how to overcome this, my first suggestion is to be consistent for a minimum of 8-weeks.

Why 8-weeks?

The most recent meditation research is demonstrating that at 8-weeks you actually begin to reap the benefits of meditation. Biomarkers such as reduced cortisol which is related to stress. Sleep significantly improves. Your attention improves.

When studies compared it to 4-weeks, these biomarkers showed insignificant change.

I never like to fully base my recommendation on science because meditation is an experience that goes beyond the body. This is a practice that is all-encompassing body, mind, and soul.

So, I always say, try it first, then see how you respond.

During this 8-week private meditation sessions,

You’ll gain the foundation, knowledge, and research to create a lasting meditation practice. I will not only show up with you one-on-one to nudge you along but I will share with you evidence-based material on the benefits of mindful practices, journaling prompts to keep your introspection engaged and gentle reminders to practice on your own and create that habit. Knowing that you have a clear outline of when our sessions start, and when they end gives you the peace of mind that you’ll gain valuable tools for your entrepreneur life.

How it works

Pick date and time that works for the both of us that we’re going to commit for 8-weeks 

Select your payment plan style //single sessions, upfront, payment plan//

Receive your journal in the mail

Meet virtually for 8-weeks and get clear on how to start this practice to increase your success at work and life

How our 8-weeks together will upfold 

Each week we meet for 30-minutes with time for explanation, questions & answers, and 10-20 minutes of actual meditation

intro to meditation

WEEK 1: FOUNDATION: What is meditation? What isn’t meditation?

WEEK 2: BREATH: Your relaxation response. Why is the breath used in meditation?

WEEEK 3: BODY SCAN: The internal landscape 

WEEK 4: LOVING-KINDNESS: Metta Meditation 

WEEK 5: THOUGHTS: Journaling for success 

WEEK 6: VISUALIZATION: Learn the art of visualization and imagery

WEEEK 7: MANTRA: The healing benefits of sound

WEEK 8: YOUR FUTURE HOME PRACTICE: Anchor your practice in your day and choose one technique


$45 per session paid individually

Two-payments of $170. Save $20

One-payment of $320. Save $40

Yes, I’m in!

Find moments of mindfulness

The series was so helpful, a learning experience that allowed oneself to practice the tools in the sessions and have open discussion.

Intro to Mindful Series Attendee

Brenda is insightful, caring, and welcoming. The intro course is the right balance of instruction and learning and actual meditation practice. She creates wonderful space for questions and discussion

Intro to Mindful Series Attendee

I can’t even tell you how needed it was for me. I’ve been struggling with a lot of anxiety and self-doubt in grad school, and the ceremony really helped me shift my perspective and get back in touch with meaningful self care.

Mindful Journaling Workshop Attendee


  • Understand how meditation can support you as an entrepreneur and your business
  • Learn how to create a consistent practice that is anchored into your day 
  • Learn various techniques, to be able to walk away with one that resonates with you
  • Read and understand the science behind mindful practices 
  • Be supported by someone that’s been in your shoes as a new meditator and entrepreneur (ME!) but also has spent hours with continuing education on yoga, meditation, and public health
  • Meet the demands of life with intention and mindfulness


  • You have no idea how to even start a home meditation practice
  • You’re looking for meditation before work
  • You’re an entrepreneur or business owner looking to add meditation to support your success
  • You’ve tried starting but it doesn’t stick 
  • You’re looking for learn different meditation techniques 
  • You’re interested in the evidence and science around mindfulness 
  • You need a meditation refresher

I’m the founder of Of the Mind Ventures, bridging the gap in mindful practices, health education, and mindful marketing. I am an entrepreneur and business owner just like you. I can’t express enough how much these practices support my day-to-day.

With a Master of Public Health from Columbia University, my main goal is to share these practices and make it approachable for you. Over the years I’ve worked tirelessly to improve my craft and figure out where I fit into the wellness scene. And for me, it’s with these mindful and conscious practices.  I’ve supported 100s of individuals in group classes, private settings, corporate settings, and universities.

I often get asked, why Bee Umana? The reason I opted for Bee Umana, and not Brenda Umana is that Bee is what some of my closest friends call me. I wanted to keep you and this community feeling like one of my closest friends.


I’m not tech savy, will I know how to meet virtually?2020-03-21T20:25:46+00:00

Totally! I will send you a quick ‘how-to’ video for setting up our Zoom meetings.

I live in Seattle, can we do these in person?2020-03-21T20:27:17+00:00

Yes! But there is a travel fee so the pricing is different

How is this different than the apps I can download?2020-03-21T20:33:28+00:00

I provide a personalized approach as well as my experience as a teacher and student. You’ll be able to ask questions and have helpful resources along the while. While you most certainly can find a similar app, I love sharing and teaching what I know. I’ve been studying mindful practices since 2013 and received a graduate degree in Public Health to be able to create these programs with actual behavior change in mind.


$45 per session paid individually

Two-payments of $170. Save $20

One-payment of $320. Save $40

Here’s all you’ll get:

  • FOUNDATION: What is meditation?
  • BREATH: Why is the breath used in meditation?
  • BODY SCAN: The internal landscape
  • LOVING KINDNESS: Metta Meditation
  • THOUGHTS: Labeling & Categorizing
  • VISUALIZATION: Learn the art of visualization and imagery
  • MANTRA: The healing benefits of sound

BONUSES: Evidence-based material to read on the benefits mindful practices such as meditation and breath-work. A complimentary journal sent to your house plus journaling prompts and gentle reminders to practice on your own.

Yes! All of this sounds great.
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