Want to know a marketing trick to double your sign-ups by the end of the week?


Yea, me too.

Please let me know if you get results from reading one of those ultimate marketing techniques to get you 100 new sign-ups overnight. I’ve fallen prey to what some of those “experts” are saying.

Meanwhile, all the other marketers know that it takes time, research, and a well-thought-out strategy to grow your business with patience, practice, and persistence (the Three P’s).

And while I can’t provide you tricks on getting results overnight, I do want to at least give you a few tips on creating organic growth.

Organic meaning you’re not paying social media ads or Google Ad Words. While I do think that ads are part of a well-rounded marketing strategy, far too often what I see is people throwing money at ads before they’ve thought of their organic or non-paid strategy.

Get comfortable with that first THEN invest your dollars. So, how should you start?

Update your email capture

Not only do I see too many “free meditations” or “free ebook” or “sign up for my newsletter” but most people don’t want another newsletter or free meditation, JMO (says the marketer that is also a teacher and has done all of these).

I don’t mean that you have to get rid of this but get creative on how you present it based on the people you love working with (shameless plus: download the Envisioning Meditation for Your Ideal Client to get some clarity on the people that love working with you).


Mini-Case Study

Let’s say you’re a coach that loves working with overworked artist and musicians. Currently, your email capture or lead magnet says, “Download the Free Ebook For Artist and Musicians.” Not bad…kinda. It gets to the point and speaks to the people you love working with.

But what if you changed it with “Find out how to gain more creativity as an artist and musician. Download this quick guide.”

To me, that’s more engaging. Shoot, even I want this guide and I’m not an artist or musician! 😂

Why is this important?

Because now that you have their email, there are so many thoughtful ways to invite them into your community and potentially work with them. Or invite them to a group workshop. Truly, it’s endless. But you first need to capture their email. This is called inbound marketing.


Change your lead magnet or email capture regularly

When I work with mindful marketing coaching clients, I let them know to have one main email capture that can stay for a while but there should be another one that gets changed, perhaps, every quarter. If you’re feeling really excited about updates, then once a month. But things get stagnant and you want to get give that fresh perspective.


Mini-Case Study

There are a few that I keep changing or refreshing based on what I’m working on. For example, The Mindful Marketing Spiral Hour is a type of lead magnet. That Envisioning Meditation I liked above is also a type of lead magnet.


Get creative!

Automate Your Emails (but not all)

After you capture their email, actually email your people!

While you certainly can send personalized emails, make it easier on yourself and automate the first few interactions with them.

There are things like Nurture Sequences you can implement or you can develop what is known as a Shadow Newsletter.

Message me in you’re interested or curious about the power of email marketing. I personally use and love Convertkit (p.s. that is an affiliate link but I’m happy to share why I advocate for them. I have clients that use Mailchimp and FloDesk, all are great! I’ve just seen things differently with Convertkit). This is beyond a regular newsletter.

If you’re interested in working with me on Mindful Marketing, set up a time to talk about what your going through over on OM Marketing



Photo Credit: Jon Tyson @jontyson on Unsplash


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