Mindful Marketing Strategy Tips if You’re New to Strategy

If you’ve read my content before, you know that my approach to marketing is quite different. Mostly because I speak in the context of mindful marketing. So that’s where I’m going today, in case you’re wondering.

Your BMS (body, mind, and soul) needs space to create and tell the story. Because at the end of the day, I see marketing as storytelling. A really long story…

Getting inspiration for marketing

When I was getting the creative nudge to start the Spiral Hour, I really wanted us together to talk about the vast world of marketing.

I wondered — was no one else getting exhausted from the hamster wheel of content creation? As a marketing strategist or even as a human, I catch myself often on this wheel.

The wheel of comparing other brands to my own.

The wheel of ‘it looks like everyone else knows that they’re doing except me.

The wheel of ‘everything has already been said, so why should I even create anything?

The wheel ‘I hate emails/social media/ads so why should I even use marketing

And in those moments I need to “massage” my nervous system.


“Quiet the Mind and the Marketing will Speak”

Said no one ever. I made this line up but I truly stand by.

What is the nervous system?

It is a deep connection of mind and body through nerves and networks that I don’t fully understand because I’m not an anatomical doctor but I am an experienced yoga practitioner and I have a high-level understanding of it.

I imagine the nervous system like electricity. If there’s too much current through an electrical component, it bursts 💥

In our bodies, the current that flows through us is all our life experiences. All of them from age 0 and now!

And then a burst can look like different things for different people. Stress may be a burst. Anger my be a burst. Unable to get out of bed. So many that I don’t want to label them all, especially because they are personal. Only we know what a “burst” feels like.

As a purposeful business owner, you have another component of a current running through you — a fire in you to live your passion.

I believe my nervous system doesn’t lie. I can think my way out of things. And believe that “I’m fine” or wish my way to more money. Or not even realize because of my subconscious conditioning. But my experiences, emotions, anxieties, and bursts live in the body which determines more of my current experience.

And well, I can only speak from experience so… If I’m asking to reach more people, grow my business, make more money, see results from my marketing efforts — I believe that it’s important to work on my nervous system.

So that I can welcome and receive that into my life —the tools I use are mindset, intention, yoga, breath, meditation, and a few others but your tools may be different!

Complicated Marketing Strategy

I like to think of a marketing strategy like swimming.

You can definitely learn how to swim without a class or an instructor. Maybe a family member taught you a few simple things— that’s how I learned how to swim. I can get by but my nervous system can definitely get into fight or flight mode if I’m in some crazy ocean water.

On the other hand, you can also learn how to swim with a class or an instructor. And I imagine when you do learn how to swim like this it feels almost effortless. There are techniques, certain arm strokes, breath retention and so much more.

Similarly, you can do lots of marketing without a strategy and get by. But when you put in place and learn what strategy is, it feels so different.

Having a calm nervous system is one tip I do before exploring any type of complicated marketing strategy.

If you or anyone you know is interested in working with me on Mindful Marketing, set up a time to talk about what your going through over on OM Marketing😊 🌸


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