Three-part Mindful Marketing Coaching for Early-Stage Purposeful Business Owners


The Hatching Sessions are designed to be part-coaching and part-strategy while weaving in mindset and intention. Personalized to meet the exact needs for the early-stage business venture or personal brand. This could also be great for you if you’re new to marketing or going through a re-brand. You’ll learn frameworks and tools that can be continually used as you create and implement them yourself.

What’s included

mindful marketing trends


  • Three one hour coaching sessions (virtual)
  • Three 20 minute check-in sessions (virtual)
  • I personalize your marketing strategy and spend about 1-2 hours before we meet

Business & Branding

  • Develop or refine branding and messaging
  • Business model and revenue stream set up and goals
  • Website feedback or website copy templates

Email Marketing

  • Email marketing strategy and tech tutorials

Content Strategy

  • Content and blog strategy. What is actually working and how can we amplify that?
  • Authentic social media strategy. What gets you excited? Not what other people are doing in your industry
  • SEO best practices and keyword development

Mindful Moments

  • Weaving in breath-work, meditations, journaling and more

Choose Your Business Stage

Option 1

One payment of $730

This is a good option if:

+You are able to invest in your business upfront and prefer some savings

+You are supported by a full-time job, and/or currently have the means to invest in your business

+You have a comfortable saving to support you

+You can write this off on your business taxes


Option 2

3 payments of $280

This is a good option if:

+You are starting to see revenue in your business

+You are supported by a part-time job, and/or currently have the means to invest in your business

+You have some savings to support you

+You can write this off in your business taxes


Option 3

6 payments of $144

This is a good option if:

+You are starting to see some revenue in your business, perhaps not as consistently

+You are supported by a part-time job.

+You are starting to save.

+You’d prefer to break it up in smaller payments. As you see revenue, you invest it back in your business.


How it Works

  1. Set up a free 20-minute call to see if we’re a good fit together (optional)
  2. Self select your payment tier
  3. Select the date and time of your first session
  4. Receive a welcome email from me including introductory questions, and Envisioning Meditation, and Invoice.

Still have more questions? Email me at [email protected]! Or book a 20-minute call with me.


“You could say she helped me in every aspect of my business! I would absolutely recommend her if you’re looking for intentional, mindful and tactical guidance when it comes to your businesses strategy & marketing.”

“Brenda has both grounded me and challenged me in ways that makes me see my business in a whole new, amazing way.”

If you are looking for a person that helps you develop a consistent marketing plan, I would recommend Brenda 100%. She makes you accountable for your project and helps you empower and develop your ideas. We have been working together in the first stages of my project and I trust we’ll keep working together.

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