Day in the life on a Yoga Retreat

I often get asked what is all we do on some of the past yoga retreats. And although it’s hard to sum up all the nuts and bolts magic, I’ve tried my best to sum up what a Day in the Life on a Yoga Retreat looks like.

Leading yoga retreats has been one of the coolest and rewarding experiences as a yoga instructor.  I use my skills in business development, marketing, content creation, program development, and of course teaching.  While the lead up is full of logistics, planning, and uncertainties the end experience is what makes me plan the next one.

Keep reading to see my perspective on how these wellness retreats play out. Maybe at one point, I’ll get one of the yoga retreat attendees to write this 🙂


Before we arrive, my co-retreat host, Argentina and I have already planned and sent everyone the daily agenda.

Some people love to know the details beforehand, while others just want to fully engage in the unknown. Either way, we accommodate both personality types and let people know that everything is always optional.


Typically coffee and tea is already set out for everyone by 6:30 am.

I find it interesting that by this time most people are already up and about.

Why? Because when in nature people love to catch the sunrise, take a quiet leisurely walk, or just enjoy a cup of tea or coffee listening to the sounds around them.

We start the hour and a half morning yoga around 7:00 am. Practice is started with dynamic rhythmic movement with attention and focus to the breath.

If we’re lucky,

the practice could be leading up to one of our workshops.


This summer I led the Inversion Workshop at the Colombia Yoga & Wellness Retreat. I get so excited when I teach. I lost track of time but luckily my co-retreat host gave me a heads up on timing. We broke down a lot about the core and some of the learning traps that happen when we begin to introduce inversions in our practice. With extra time in class, at least more than most studio classes now, we end with a full cool down and meditation.


After practice, we head on over to breakfast.

Experiencing a retreat in a different part of the world means we get to try exotics fruits, juices, and different breakfast styles. The cooks and chefs are so passionate about what they do.

On the first Spring Awakening Yoga Retreat, we had passionate vegan chefs, while on the Colombia Yoga & Wellness Retreat we had a world-renowned chef provide us with full details. It felt like that reality cooking show where the chef comes out and says something like “Alright everyone this is a buttery toast with an exotic savory spread with a dash of salt, caramelized onions and…..” you get the picture haha

After breakfast, if it’s a day for a planned excursion, everyone starts to get ready to head out soon. Half-day excursions are usually our favorite way to go so that we can be back for lunch.


We’ve gone hiking, surfing, river tubing, exploring local markets, waterfall swimming and more.

They are all so special, I’m having trouble pinpointing my favorite.  

I have some great memories at the local market in Nicaragua.

Running around with my best friend as we look for the best backpacks.

Then some really fun and exhilarating moments jumping off cliffs and swimming out to the waterfalls during our trip to Colombia.


We then head back to our little oasis.

Everyone is hungry for lunch and ready to enjoy their free time afterward.

A nap, a massage, or another walk down the beach. I usually try to do the same, maybe add in a little practice of my own while I plan for classes, catch up on some emails, or facetime with my love.  


Then right around 5:00 pm we start the evening Sunset Yoga.

Argentina and I split our teaching schedule so if one of us is teaching the morning, the other teaches the evening.

Either way, we’re both walking around, assisting and supporting everyone’s practice. Evening yoga is usually so juicy. We play around with restorative, yin, meditation, and Yoga Nidra.


After practice, most people freshen up and take a moment to change out of their yoga clothes.

While we’re waiting for dinner different conversations are sparked around the table. Some related to yoga, or where we are all from, or current events happening in the world.

Maybe even a cocktail, beer, or wine served to those that are interested. We find a balance with it all. 

And that’s a wrap!

The days are fairly similar but each day builds on the next.

It’s a cumulative experience where we get to disconnect from day to day demands and to-do’s and reconnect to our body, our breath, and our community.

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