Past Retreats

Nicaragua 2018 


“The Spring Awakening retreat experience felt very personal and well-thought out, from booking flights to the schedule. Argentina and Brenda have very complementary styles and it was noticeable how much effort and care they put into planning this retreat. It was well worth the money and time. I would do it again.”

“I think that this retreat helped to deepen my personal relationship with yoga and I really appreciated that opportunity. I feel I was able to spend enough time by myself to relax and focus on my personal experience, while also getting to feel like I was surrounded by other wonderful yogis. I like the diversity of people who attended and that none were stereotypical yogis.”

Colombia 2018 


“Overall, this was a great experience. I got to do lots of yoga, meet nice people, eat great food, have lots of relaxing time, do enough fun activities, and get to practice with my 2 great yoga teachers. Thank you.”

“Brenda and Argentina are incredible yoga teachers! Everything about the retreat was so well thought out — from the location to the food to the yoga classes and meditation. I left Colombia feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to bring the calm vibes back to NYC.”