Guided Visualization Meditation | The Goddess Homework Assignment

This is a guided visualization for the goddess within you. Take the time to read it. Get familiar with it. And do this daily practice in the morning.


Every time you finish looking in the mirror I want you to say to yourself “I am beautiful” as a reminder to yourself.

A reminder to what I see in you, both beautiful on the inside and outside.

It might feel contrived for a while, maybe for a long while because we are not programmed to think this way.

If anything our thoughts were programmed to be the opposite of these words.

But imagine a world where thoughts like this came naturally, as natural as your negative, doubtful, unclear, and unsure thoughts right now.

Remember that we no longer need to feel controlled by those thoughts from our childhood, from our parents, from society, from past relationships and friendships.


As adults, we have the choice to change them. It’s going to take time.

Think of how long it takes a scar to fade away.

Sometimes there’s a little glimmer of the scar still there but we can see that it’s healed.

The more we practice thoughts like this the more receptive we are.


It’s like putting a daily ointment on your wound to heal.

Willing to Transform Into The Goddess Within

Are you willing to receive?

Receive answers.

Receive compliments.

Receive the unsureness.

Receive a new light.

All it takes is to be willing.


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