5 Spots in Mexico City I never heard of Until I Lived There

by | May 18, 2023 | Travel & Exploration

I love a good recommendation list or blog post giving me insight into where to visit or what to do in a new city.

I did that a lot when I moved to Mexico. After a while, I was exhausting all these lists and I noticed the same spots kept coming up. Don’t get me wrong I loved Panaderia Rosetta, and Contramar, and Limantour; once you’re there you realized they do kind of cater to the tourist people.

So here are 5 of my favorite spots that I never found on a list. I simply stumbled on them while I was walking around the City. Maybe I’m adding to the touristy vibe at these hidden gems but I hope that they give you a different angle on experiencing Mexico City.

5 Hidden Gems in Mexico City

1. La Chicha

This was actually the first brunch we had when we arrived in Roma Norte Oct 2021.

After packing up all our belongings into a storage unit the nights leading up to this, we were exhausted. We slept in for what felt like hours! It was 12 pm and we decide to walk around and look for coffee. We didn’t even shower thinking we would just grab a coffee and come back home.

But when we saw La Chicha, and looked at their menu, plus some outdoor seating — we realized we wanted more than coffee.

Try the enfrijoladas. I had never heard of this before. It’s essentially enchiladas but with a silky bean sauce. I became obsessed with them. Specifically, the ones here because I tried others but they weren’t good.

2. Traspatio

Again, we found this literally by walking by.

We were working out of a coworking space in Roma Norte and one day after work, we were walking a different way home and we see this really cool spot. Of course so many indoor plants, wooden chairs, a tucked library in the back. It’s got this indoor and outdoor vibe.

We ended up coming back and then coming back over and over and over. We brought out friends here when they came to visit. Our favorite dish was the salmon, especially since we couldn’t really find baked salmon anywhere else. 

3. Los Cocuyos Taqueria

We did not eat a ton of street food in Mexico. While I loved watching the culture that unfolds around these stands, I had already experienced enough food poisoning that I didn’t want to risk it.

But this place is a mix between street food and restaurant. It’s literally a hole in the wall, and I’m still not sure whether the actual restaurant next to it is connected to it but who cares because these tacos are amazing. Their menu is wild, like beef eye tacos and cheek tacos. I tried the Suadero, Longaniza, and Campechano and they did not disappoint. I dream about going back to this place all the time, so please go for me!

4. Comedor De Los Milagros

We moved to Roma Sur in Oct/Nov of 2021. The day we moved into our new Airbnb, we were starving!

We walked around hoping to find something to eat. Luckily Comedor de Los Milagros was just opening up for brunch and everything about it just drew us in. The colors, the Dia de los Muertos altar, the layout, the different Latin American cuisine presented as little stands.

We were so obsessed with this place that there was one point we were going every weekend. I tried several things there but I would say my favorite is still the Colombia dishes. You can also pop over to Mercado Medellin afterward, which is right across the street. 

5. Taverna

It’s now February 2022 and we were touring a potential apartment to live in.

After spending the holidays (Dec 2022 – Jan 2021) in the States, we go back to Mexico and we’re hoping we can find a new place, not through Airbnb. We sadly didn’t get this place but we would’ve never known about Taverna if we hadn’t walked by and the door was just slightly opened, so of course I peaked in.

Inside a beautiful mansion is this upscale restaurant with decor I wish I had in my own home. If I didn’t peak inside, from the outside it just looks like any ‘ol random Juarez building. Plus, plants everywhere inside! I’m transported back to this 1920’s. Make sure to make a reservation. 

I know I promised 5 but honestly, there are so many more! A few that almost made it to the list but are Yakumanka, Cafe Toscano, Ricas Quesadillas Orizaba 209

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