Why Wellness and Health is Personal for Everyone

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US American health and wellness behaviors are changing. This is evident in the recent health survey conducted last year, which revealed that over 62% of US Americans believe their health is more important to them than they did in the past few years. Because of this, they are more open to seeking medical help, whether for physical or mental health reasons, to achieve better well-being.

Fortunately, healthcare information and services are now more accessible. From free health blogs on the internet and affordable healthcare technologies, individuals who want to promote their health have more opportunities to do so. Additionally, they can personalize their use of these resources, making them more relevant to their wellness goals.

Here are two examples of how and why health and wellness are inclusive for everyone:

Access to Online Free Health Resources

Besides connecting users worldwide, the internet has helped many people by making health blogs and articles accessible to anyone. As a result, more people can turn to the internet and seek information to better understand their health and bodies.

A study by Ruben Bach and Alexander Wenz found that up to two out of three US adults regularly search for health information online. Health enthusiasts are not only searching for articles about health disorders and diseases. They also read about nutrition, exercise, and mental health, making data about anything related to wellness available to anyone. This shows how convenient it is to find resources online to help you live a better life.

Due to numerous available resources, you can definitely find something that suits your preferences and lifestyle. For instance, you can search for beginner yoga routines if you’re new to yoga exercises. You can also look for different meal recipes that are healthy and delicious if you’re planning to balance your diet. Some of the best health and wellness blogs you can follow are the ACE Insights Blog, which covers fitness articles on various topics such as yoga, strength training, and beginner exercises, and Healthline Nutrition which features research-based articles on nutrition and weight loss.

Availability of Healthcare Technologies

Health Tracking Apps
Healthcare technologies have also made healthcare services reachable and personalized for everyone. The same study by Bach and Wenz indicated that up to 45% of US citizens reported using a mobile phone or tablet to manage their health. And through these gadgets, you can download mobile applications to track and manage your health, such as sleep patterns, physical activities, and weight. As a matter of fact, most weight management plans included in these apps are customizable depending on your goal and food preferences. Whether you plan to lose weight or just want a more balanced diet, weight management applications support you by suggesting nutritious and delicious meal ideas. Since these apps consider your lifestyle habits, they make your weight management journey much easier to follow.

In addition, technology promoted telehealth services, allowing patients to meet with their healthcare providers wherever they are. Because of this, millions of US Americans have been meeting with their doctors at home for general checkups or consultations. This is especially helpful for older adults who need regular doctor appointments to monitor their health. The privacy of telehealth might also encourage seniors to be more open to discussing their mental health. In our article on caring for your mind, we discussed that only 10% of seniors who experience mental health issues ever seek treatment because of the stigma associated with seeking help. But with telehealth services, older people can receive mental health support at their own time and place. Ultimately, these technologies allow you to manage your health and personalize your healthcare experience holistically.


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