I love what I do and….

Sometimes I have a lot of ideas and can’t follow through. 

I question whether I’ll succeed. 

Sometimes I just want a regular paycheck and not use my brain so much. 

Get tired of spiritual lingo.

It can be incredibly hard to self-motivate. 

It can feel isolating when you work for yourself. 

I only live once and need to do it this way. 

Sometimes my imposter syndrome is loud AF and “can’t sell” my craft. 

Sometimes I feel so fucking bold that it feels like non-automatic doors just fling open for me🚪

Wish money wasn’t one of my triggers. 

I’m re-learning how to value my work aside from money. 

It’s hard to tie it up in a pretty bow and say “I’m a _____” 

I Believe that artists and business owners are very similar. 

Don’t know whether to call myself a business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, CEO. Each one has its stereotype or a feel to it. Read that list again. What images come to mind with each? Message me or DM me your thoughts because I have my own too. 

Sometimes wonder if I’ll ever pay off my student loans. 

Sometimes I want to change it up completely! 

Sometimes the grass is greener. 

Because I still get to express myself freely and through that expression, I find beauty, peace, love, intuition.

Because my business ventures have expanded my intuition.  

It feels like divine timing. When the timing tells me it’s over, I’ll switch it up. But for now, I love what I do with ALL of this!


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