How to Prepare for a Health and Wellness Trip to Hawaii

This article was written before the devastating news in Maui. Our hearts go out to the families and communities impacted by this. There are so many resources and opportunities to donate. We are not experts on the best places to donate but here is a helpful resource you can use. When choosing Hawaii as your next destination, please be extra mindful and grateful for what this land and community offer.


While you can plan a trip for pure leisure and sightseeing, you can also view traveling as an opportunity to prioritize and focus on personal health and wellness. As an Insider article on travel trends explains, wellness vacations are increasingly becoming popular among travelers seeking out experiences for self-improvement, growth, and transformation.

There are many destinations worldwide that are perfect for wellness-inspired travel, with Hawaii being a major one thanks to its tropical islands and natural wonders. In this light, here are some tips on preparing for a fulfilling health and wellness trip to Hawaii.


Reflect on your ‘why’


Before you even start thinking about logistics, it helps to sit down and reflect on your ‘why’ — your reasons for taking a wellness trip. For instance, a previous post entitled ‘Rest, Reflect, Rejuvenate’ emphasizes the need for new entrepreneurs to go on a retreat where they can affirm their hard work and set their goals and intentions for the rest of their careers.

Meanwhile, some may need to go on a wellness vacation to learn more about themselves or simply improve their physical health. Knowing and articulating your ‘why’ will help you find the right kind of wellness experience for you, whether it’s a spa retreat, a hotel, a resort, or an excursion — all of which Hawaii can offer.


Prepare your travel plan


As previously mentioned, wellness experiences can take place in various settings, from Hawaii’s top-rated hotels and resorts to the rugged outdoors, in case you’re interested in Hawaii Magazine’s recommendations for outdoor yoga. Across the major islands in Hawaii, you can practice asanas and breathing exercises in serene locations like beaches, farms, and rooftops.

If you want to try doing yoga with panoramic island views or while floating in Maui’s pristine waters, make sure you book a rental car at Maui Airport for your trip. Not only is a rental crucial for reaching resorts or retreats that aren’t accessible via public transportation, but it also has benefits such as lower costs compared to Uber, accessible pick-up at the airport’s ConRAC facility, and the option to choose a vehicle according to your needs and preferences. That makes travel one less thing you have to worry about, allowing you to focus more on yourself.

Create a packing list

Your basic list of essentials to pack will depend on the type of wellness experience that awaits you. For example, you might be thinking about trying Hana-Maui Resort’s spa, from Forbes’ list of Hawaiian wellness destinations. Its menu incorporates traditional Hawaiian treatments into a rhythmic body massage, a hot stone massage, or a full-body sea salt exfoliation.

While the accommodation will provide complimentary towels and robes, you’ll have to bring your own cozy loungewear, headbands or hair ties, and comfortable footwear for leisure walks around the resort. Meanwhile, if your planned retreat is more fitness-oriented, like that of a Beach Boot Camp at the Disney Resort & Spa in Aulani, sneakers and athletic wear like leggings and dry-fit tank tops should be included in your list.

Practice self-care before the trip

To maximize the benefits of your wellness travel adventures, you’ll also have to be in optimal physical and mental condition before the trip. So, no matter how stressful it may be to arrange your transportation and accommodations, make sure you’re eating nutritious meals, getting enough sleep, and exercising in the days leading up to your precious vacation. You can even go the extra mile and consult with your healthcare provider on how to manage your condition while you travel.

Aside from these tips, don’t hesitate to also ask family and friends for support, whether it’s by asking them to check in on your pets or holding down the fort at the office as you take precious time off. Doing so will allow you to stay present and relaxed throughout your trip and allow you to come out of it healthier, wiser, and more rested for the rest of the year.

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