What’s the #1 thing your purposeful business needs for success? (Yes, it’s this envisioning meditation)

You’ve been envisioning your business for months now.

Are you super excited to launch a new phase of your business? A new line of service or membership site? Or maybe you’re just starting and you can’t wait to push live on your website!

There’s often one big step that gets overlooked in purposeful business and marketing creation.

Usually, the jump goes straight to something like,

“ok, how can I launch my event today!?” or

When will I start to book up my appointment slots?” or

“I’m not trying to “market” to the younger crowd so why do I need to be online?”

I get it. You want to get your purposeful business to take off and grow. I imagine like, yesterday.

But when things are unclear in the foundational aspect of your marketing strategy, the pillars above aren’t going to hold. This means marketing your events, bringing in more appointments, or selling that online course is going to fall short.

If you’re a yoga teacher, coach, mission-driven startup, or mindful entrepreneur there’s no doubt you need to start sharing your message. So, start by nailing down your target audience (or ideal client)


What is your target audience?

In marketing, they call it your target audience. I know so boring. I like to call this “your people” or “your peeps”. You can also think of this as your ideal client.

If you’re running a purposeful business these are the lives you want to touch. These are the seekers that are looking to grow with you. People on their journey doing inner work and that want to go deep with you.

Remember, you are not a traditional business. Your conscious brand is changing the lives of one person at a time. You can still apply the marketing concepts, but keep remembering you are blazing the path for your peeps.

This is your micro-community. You’re empowering and creating that ripple effect of change and transformation.

Your target audience needs to be SUPER specific. Down to the point of what they like to wear and what they’re thinking.

And you need to constantly remind yourself about this person too.

What I notice in my own business is that I forget. I forget all the specificities and I get lost in “generalizations.” I get thrown off my tracks, I want to serve and please everyone. I make myself think anyone can be my client. And then I snap out of it and I’m like, NO! I love working with a very specific mindful niche.


Why does your purposeful business need to know its target audience

Your health & wellness business doesn’t apply to everyone. And that’s a good thing.

You know that at a core level.

But the importance of writing it down, remembering it, and focusing on it is so that it can infuse it into everything you put out. You need to attract the right people to your business. And not make the most common mistakes.

As you’re getting crystal clear on your peeps, reflect closely on whether this is the face of wellness you’re programmed to think. Or can you widen your ideal client to be inclusive and diverse. Someone that I admire and I think does this so well is my coach, Noelle Janka.


What’s the biggest mistake around this?

What I notice with purposeful businesses is that content ends up being about YOU. It’s not wrong to promote yourself. And there’s actually a fine-line with how much you write about yourself and how much you talk to your ideal client. Because let’s be real, people love your business because of YOU.

But ask yourself, what’s your intention with promoting yourself? When purposeful businesses brag about themselves, there’s nothing valuable for your peeps to take away.

What does that mistake look like?

Let’s say you are the largest holistic wellness clinic in your 5-mile neighborhood. As a business owner, that’s freaking amazing.

You then go on to create a post about it. And your newsletter headline says that right at the top is the biggest letters ever.

For YOU as the business owner, you want to keep that in bold writing all over your walls. Remember that every day because that’s your fuel for showing up. But that type of tagline doesn’t add value to your target audience. It means nothing for them. Save those bragging points and accomplishments of your business for networking events and colleague collaborations.

How can you reframe this?

So, what value can you add as the largest holistic wellness clinic in your 5-mile neighborhood?

Maybe you have the most diverse practitioners because of it. You can brag about how you have the most BIPOC practitioners working for you.

You can talk about all the different services you offer because you have a beautiful space. From one-on-one consultations, all the way up to group workshops and classes.

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    So, what’s this envisioning meditation all about?

    I was working with a wellness entrepreneur with a mission to create events for moms.

    And while that seems like it’s already specific (ideal client: women plus women that are moms), we needed to get even more detailed than that.

    So we took the time to envision. Allow the mind to clear.

    After the meditation, there was a huge realization of who exactly it was. She had a name. She had kids that were around 9 years old. She was the CEO of the company. And she had several different thoughts and worries.



    Don’t be afraid to get very specific. The more specific the better. Inevitably, you’re going to attract people outside of these specifics. So don’t worry if you feel like it’s too niche. Allowing yourself to get crystal clear of who your peeps are is the first part of setting yourself up for success.

    I’ve put this short guided envisioning meditation for you to listen to. Allow your mind to clear, notice the screen of your mind as I’m guiding you, and then listen to my writing prompts.

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes!! Start envisioning!

    If you’re interested in working with me on Mindful Marketing, set up a time to talk about what your going through over on OM Marketing


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