Aside from getting away, why should you go on a yoga and meditation retreat?

Have you been thinking on going on a retreat? Perhaps you’ve seen a few of your friends or family members join retreats. While they were certainly a thing prior to the pandemic, there is a huge increase in attendance. 

21%, to be exact, of global travelers are currently traveling for health- and wellness-driven reasons according to the 2022 Travel Trends research by luxury travel network Virtuoso, conducted jointly with YouGov.

So, why are people joining these? 

Well, not every retreat is the same. If you’re still in the contemplation phase think about your why.

Why do you want to go on a retreat?

And what experience do you want out of it? Starting with your why will help you narrow down your focus. 

As far as yoga and meditation retreats, here are some things you may experience which could help you decide whether this is right for you! 

Get out of daily habits and patterns

Our day-to-day life is a perfect backdrop for steadiness, practices that can be easily done by popping into classes here and there.

It’s like maintenance for our mind, body, and soul. Our anchor in our day-to-day life is our home — this cozy, safe, and protective space.

But often our homes can also be spaces of habitual patterns.

Vibrating with outdated energy. Lingering stagnation of stress — especially if you work from home which I do! — and easy to stay in that pattern.

This is totally normal, it’s part of life. We need this space to be our sanctuary to exhale.

So then why leave this comfort and join a retreat?

It can be so helpful to remove yourself from these habitual spaces, realign yourself so to speak, and then come back. As you integrate back into your home, and day-to-day, everything will start attuning to this realigned vibration within you.

I’ve seen it in myself when I am a student of intentional retreats and I witnessed it in others in past retreats I’ve led. Something undeniably shifts in everyone.

You’re curious about the practices of yoga. and meditation 

Your local studio probably has a good range of classes around 45-60 minutes long. 90 minutes if you’re lucky. It’s also really challenging to get to these classes, again because of the daily demands of life. 

What kind of practices do you do in a yoga and meditation retreat?

Going on retreat gives you time to explore, go deep, and experience new waves of consciousness, often really hard to expand into in a 40-60 minute class. Here’s a short list of what you might see on a yoga and meditation retreat. 

  • Vinyasa Yoga 
  • Breathwork that is both vigorous and subtle
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Journaling Sessions
  • Healing Circles
  • Guided Meditation and Reflection
  • Mind-Heart Coherence
  • Creating sacred moments and letting the Inner Heart Lead. 
  • Exploration of the beautiful destination you’re at! 



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If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to attend a retreat with a trained facilitator and experienced retreat leader, check out Activating the Wise Heart: Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica! 

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