3 Simple Breathing Techniques for Daily Breaks

Have you ever woken up one morning, and even after a full-nights rest, felt like it was impossible to get motivated and moving? While there are many factors to this feeling — do you remember what your workload has been for the past few days?
Are you working past a certain time, past 7 or 8? And hard to turn off your screens because you need that mental relief?
We often don’t realize how stressed out we are, or how burnt out we’re feeling until we’re there already. It’s hard to take preventative measures for mental health because it’s hard to “see the signs,” in a way. For something like diabetes, physicians and scientists are able to determine “pre-diabetic” symptoms which are super helpful, but mental health isn’t quite there yet.
So, we have to be our own advocates for our mental health and take precautions before getting that burnout feeling.
Sometimes all you need is 2 minutes to shift your body, mind, and subtle essence. I’ve put together these simple practices focused on breathing or moving our energetic body to hopefully take care of our mental health before we’re overwhelmed with emotions.
I say all of this from experience, I am not immune to burnout or the feeling of being overwhelmed with life. But what often brings me back are these mindful practices that have been in my life for over a decade.
While it’s wonderful when we do have time to do an entire practice in our day, 2 minutes can go a long way.

Double inhale, one big exhale

✨This type of breath practice is great to get into your body really quickly, clear out whatever stagnant energy is around you, and fill yourself up with new pranic energy or life force breath.

✨Do it before you get back into work mode, or when you wake up, or some alone time in the bathroom… really anywhere 🌍

✨You’ll make a little fist with your hands, cactus out your arms, and take two inhales as you open. Then, open your palms and exhale bringing the palms almost to touch. Watch the video for details.

Connect Your Heart and Mind Breath

🤍This is an open-eye practice that allows you to stay focused, present, and unwavering.

🤍We can often live on the level of our mind — thinking a lot, overthinking or ruminating — I know I personally do.

🤍This practice allows you to connect to the lower parts of yourself like your belly and your Heart with this hand gesture or Mudra.

🤍 You can practice Breath of Fire 😤 which is a sharp exhale and a passive inhale. Or take big breaths especially if you’re pregnant or on your cycle.

🤍This one can be intense so practice for 2 minutes or less. Anytime, anywhere.

🤍 See what comes up for you. Observing with compassion and non-judgment.

Joy Breath

Joy breath is one of my favorites. It’s mostly movement with the arms so it can be done seated but if you can, do it standing.

🌬️It’s a three-part inhale, kinda like little sniffs, and one big sigh exhale. Watch the video to match the arm movements to your breath.

🌬️ Do a few rounds and you’ll see how quickly it changes the energy around you and within you.

🌬️ It’s hard not to smile while I’m doing it, partly because it feels silly but maybe it’s working!

🌬️These are great to do if you’ve been sitting for a while. Or in the morning when you wake up which is what I did. Or try it right now! let me know how it goes.

Take those few moments

I hope you enjoy these simple practices. Keep them in your back pocket when you’re feeling like your right on the edge or just needed to break up your day. Your entire health will thank you.

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