Private Yoga & Meditation

Are you interested in setting your own intentions and goals for your yoga & meditation practice?

We all have different needs in yoga & mindfulness. Booking a private session means you can tailor it to fit your schedule, your intentions, your body and even mode of communication.

Would you like in-person or video chat? We can get really specific!

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Introspective Journaling

Are you interested in expanding your yoga practice in a different direction?

If the Move Your Mind meditation sparked your interest and you would like to dive deeper into introspective journaling you can book a private session tailored to meet your exact needs. We can walk through different methods and tools.

Would you like in-person or video chat? We can get really specific!

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Corporate Classes & Events

Research continues to show the importance of employee wellness. Not only for the health and well-being all employees but for the health of the company too.

Do you wish to offer yoga to your employees? Or would you like to introduce yoga & mindfulness to your HR department? We can strategize on a one-off class or build an entire employee wellness program

Employee Wellness Programming

“I took your class this morning. Afterward, I wanted to thank you but I had to run out. I wanted to thank you for an incredible class; suffering/recovering from lower back pain has been challenging but yoga makes it so much better. Your practice this morning was definitely as ass-kicker in the best of ways. And your guided meditation truly spoke to me, so much that I was not aware of the savasana transition and stayed in my meditation. I appreciate you.”

Alba, NYC

“Thank you Brenda for the “T-shaped” cork block against the wall setup
to do headstand. I was able to invert with no wall support for the first
time today, and feel inspired to purchase a home pair. Thanks again!”

Ramiah, NYC

“All of Brenda’s classes are so enjoyable, well prepared and thoughtful.
Loved this and every other class she teaches.”

Laura, NYC