What is the Mind?

The brain and the mind are two different things when thinking of it in terms of Vedic Philosophy. That may seem obvious but it’s important to make that distinction from the beginning.

Our brain is matter, tangible, and an organ in our physical body. Our mind is the content or stories in our brain. We all have similar brain structures.

Everyone’s mind, on the other hand, is entirely different. Our thoughts, emotions, past impressions in our mind are unique, personal, and intangible.

The Mind has multiple layers to it. One of them being that it is emotional and irrational.

The primary emotions which quickly pass through our mind are like and dislike, happiness and suffering. Usually, we are emotional about our belongings, our relationships, love, success or failure, victory or defeat, gain or loss.

This is the nature of the mind. In this Vedic style of practice, we are not trying to change or alter any of the emotions that enter the mental landscape. We simply see it as feedback for our day, month, year, and/or life. Our practice helps us become aware of the content to better understand our self.

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