Mindful Journals

Mindful Journaling has been around for centuries and is often an overlooked form of meditation or an informal style of meditation.

While we might not be sitting crossed legged. Or eyes closed. This specific style of journaling will leave your mind refreshed and centered.

Give it a try with these beautiful eco-friendly journals. Our words can be so powerful and used as a way to manifest your deepest desires. 

“What your dream, what you feel, and what you really are will all be manifested through the word” 

If you need a few guided prompts, I have some guided audio that can support you:

Reflections: Mindful Journaling

Setting Your Life’s Intentions: Mindful Journaling


what is mindful journaling?

“Think of journaling as a brush for your own soul, just like brushing your teeth each morning and each evening. It clarifies the mind, provides room for quiet, private reflection and gives one a record of their thoughts over time”