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Understand how this core part of your business will help you stand out online & grow your purposeful business. 

Think of your brand like the Soul of business. It’s the underlying essence and pillars that make it uniquely yours. And similar to the Soul, it’s not from something you explicitly say it’s from a feeling.

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About this Event

Words are powerful.

Clear communication is the start of a great relationship, any relationship. And right now— with everything mostly online—the way you communicate and begin a relationship with your future clients is with the words you choose on your homepage header, in your bio, and through the content you create.

And really that’s what I hope you take away in crafting or refining your brand identity.

The words you are choosing are the beginning of your brand and I’ll show you the framework you can do, again and again, each time you need to refine your messaging.

I made this workshop entirely active-learning or active-implementation. You’ll see me run through an example with you and you will actually apply everything to your business or personal brand right away. If you took the Yoga Goddess archetype quiz, you’ll see how it’s helpful for your brand!

To be honest, it’s so much more fun to get those dopamine hits with ‘likes’ or clicking ‘live’ on your website than talking about core aspects of your business and in supporting various solopreneurs, studios, and wellness clinics I’ve noticed that this foundational pillar of business and marketing is often overlooked, if not entirely ignored! 

It doesn’t need to be perfect but having a clear focus on what the business stands on creates the pathway for success. The most loved brands connect with their people on a deeper level and those with an authentic brand purpose often capture our attention more.

In this 75-minute interactive workshop with fun questions like—if your business was an animal what would it be?— you’ll get crystal clear on your mindful brand identity and walk away with your own new messaging. One that can be used as taglines throughout various channels and make it crystal clear how amazing your business is! When coaching clients, this is the first step we do even if you feel strongly about your brand. We can always refine! 


What do I need to bring?

  • This is an interactive workshop so make sure you have something to write with or a Word doc open on your computer!


What is Mindful Marketing?

  • Mindful Marketing uses mindful practices to align with your business intentions. It looks at creating impact regardless of product or services. At its core, mindful marketing is conscious of business growth while up-leveling the consciousness of your ideal client.


Who is this for?

  • This is a great workshop for small business owners and personal brands. If you’re a solopreneurs, a yoga teacher that didn’t realize you were running a business, a life coach, naturopath, acupuncturist, or individuals that just graduated from any of these modalities! Also anyone looking to redefine and set new goals. 🙂


What will I take away?

  • You’re going to get crystal clear on your mindful brand identity (things like your mission, vision, and positioning) and walk away with your own taglines that can be used throughout various channels and make it clear and fun why your future clients or customers should work with you! Too often what I see are taglines like “Life Coaching” or “Yoga Teacher” — we want to make it interactive for people to work with us!

What’s the price?

  • I did this workshop live on a sliding scale basis, I then took the average price paid and that’s what you see: $18. 

What does the agenda look like?

  • Brief meditation and breathwork to set the tone for yourself
  • Dive into the meat (or tofu) of the workshop with creative questions and envisioning practices
  • Discover your brand archetype
  • Develop your brand identity
  • Create 5-10 taglines

How do I sign up?!


  • First, sign up through Podia and create a username and password
  • You’ll receive lifetime access plus download any of the content on their
  • Once I see your purchase, I’ll follow-up with you for an additional 30-minute session.
  • Email me at [email protected] if you have any more questions 🙂

About Your Guide:

Hi, my name is Brenda or Bee! I am a Mindful Marketing Strategist, solopreneur consultant, and passionate teacher.

With a Business Management degree and Masters of Public Health from Columbia University plus countless hours studying and teaching yoga and meditation, I know how challenging it is to find the right marketing strategies.

My background in tech and startups and now running my own business gives me the perfect combination to guide you. I created my website from scratch and it’s been voted as one of the Top 10 Greatest Yoga Teachers websites, I’m quick to learn and can’t wait to share it all with you 🙂

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