Is your mind Full or mindful?

Can it be both?

Brenda Umana

I’m here to help you find moments of mindfulness not only in your practices but in your everyday life.

There’s lots of stuff going on inside of your body and mind. Maybe you feel like you’re all over the place. Or unclear. You have a busy mind. Without a clear path.

Perhaps a meditation practice feels impossible. There’s all these loud and annoying sounds around you. Then there are a billion thoughts flooding your mind. There’s no way you can have zero thoughts (P.S. that’s actually impossible but more on that later).

And then there’s yoga, you’ve dabbled in it here and there. You don’t really see any connection to meditation. And it feels like an ok alternative to a workout.

But there’s something inside you that’s saying you need to do more self-care. Whatever that means. Somehow you keep going back to these practices. Or finding people recommending it to you.

You simply just want to get it. Often there’s so much jargon or nuances that it’s easier to just not show up. To not book the class. And then to let the self-care practices slip away.

And once again find yourself with billion thoughts and nothing going “your way.”

Your first step is very simple. Because you already did it. You already showed up and tried it. But understanding how these mindful practices can change and reframe your life, that might feel like a mystery.

This comes down to understanding how to use specific techniques and how your mind is feeling. Because soon you’ll realize this is a lifestyle. And not something that needs to be ticked off on your to-do list. And that’s where I come in. Over the years I’ve learned proven mindfulness techniques, such as breath work, yoga, journaling, and meditation, that truly re-shaped my own mindset and life.

People come to me when they need to feel 100% present. After a session with me, I often get people saying something like, “I’m always ready for class to end, but for some reason, I stayed fully present with you”

My Offerings

Hi! My name is Brenda or just call me Bee. 

I’m a Mindfulness Specialist crafting my career as a yoga, meditation, and public health professional.

With a Master of Public Health from Columbia University, my main goal is to share these practices and make it approachable to everyone. Over the years I’ve worked tirelessly to improve my craft and figure out where I fit in to the wellness scene. And for me it’s with mindfulness.  I’ve supported 100s of individuals in group classes, private settings, corporate settings, and universities. Alongside my teaching work, I am a Wellness Marketing Consultant. Supporting startups, wellness clinics, or entreprenuers on various mindful marketing techniques. 

I often get asked, why Bee Umana? The reason I opted for Bee Umana, and not Brenda Umana is that Bee is what some of my closest friends call me. I wanted to keep this community feeling like one of my closests friends.



It began with yoga for me. Yoga has been a process of self-discovery. Chipping away at the mind clutter.

Peeling away years of emotional pain that I had no idea was even there. Revealing a deeper understanding of who I am and reframing my mind. 

I stumbled upon yoga in a Corporate Wellness Class. I was working as an accountant in San Francisco, CA at the time (LOL!).

And the physical practice of yoga was what drew me in. There was this physical determination that I had never experienced before.  

During this time, I was also blind to the amount of emotional distress I carried with me.

I am naturally more anxious and stressed. And I’ve always felt this linger saddness I can’t explain. I walked around feeling really disempowered

And if I’m honest, this continues to be my struggle in finding a stable mind. But now I have these little mindfulness tools called yoga and meditation that can snap me back to myself even if it’s just for a second. 

I am delighted to bring more awareness to peoples lives – whether that’s physical, emotional, soulful or philosophical.  

You can find me on the mat at a local studio, join one of my retreats, or working with wellness startups on their content and marketing strategy.

My Values 


emotional wellness

thoughtful sequencing

greater focus


mental clarity


Professional Bio

In 2013 I received my 200-Hour certification from YogaWorks in my hometown in Santa Monica, CA. My greatest teachers are Patti Quintero and Jason Crandell.

I am continually learning and broadening my perspective both in the yoga world and outside of yoga. I hold a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University. I aspire to make yoga & wellness accessible to everyone.

These practices have been pivotal in my own path to health both physical and emotional.

We often hear how mental health is a current public health issue, I would add to that by saying emotional wellness is just as much a public health crisis right now as obesity, chronic diseases, and mental health.

I’m currently working toward becoming an Mindful + Emotional Wellness Coach to complement my learnings and passion for total well-being for all.

Credentials and Continuing Education

  • BA from UC Santa Cruz, Business Managment Economics (2010)
  • Accountant, CPA Firm in San Francisco (2010 – 2012)
  • 200-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training (2013)
  • Masters of Public Health from Columbia University, Thesis: Lifestyle and Behavior Modifications (i.e. mindfulness) among women (2015)
  • Health Innovation Associate, Kaiser Permanente  (2015)
  • Anatomy Training with Jason Crandell and Paul B. Roache, M.D. (2016)
  • Senior Marketing Strategist at NYC startup 1DocWay | acquired Genoa Telepsychiatry (2015 – 2016)
  • Account Executive, BGB Healthcare Marketing (2017 – 2018)
  • India Philosophy Training, Jiva Institute in Vrindavan, India (2017)
  • Head of Marketing & Yoga Instructor, hOM (2017 – 2018 )
  • Yoga Nidra with Mona Anand (2018)
  • Bhagavad Gita Philosophy Training with Robert Lindsey (2018)
  • Trauma Sensitive Restorative Teacher Training with Bodywise Institute (2018)
  • Vedic Path Meditation with James Brown (2019)
  • Certified Integrative Life Coach from Integrative Wellness Academy (2019)
  • 500-Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training (pending completion June 2020)